Who is Carmel Murphy


I don’t think people believe me when I say I used to be incredibly shy – I was so terrified of meeting new people that I would shake and sweat, and didn’t even have a 21st party for fear of having to speak.

I knew I wanted to start a business, but I also knew that meeting people and making connections was essential to a successful business. So I set my mind to becoming a networking queen – or at least someone who could talk to new people without shaking!

Forcing myself out of my comfort zone to attend events every night, I didn’t even make it through the door of the first eight, but within a couple of months I was talking to new people each night and pushing myself to speak in front of groups which grew in size as my confidence increased.

These days, I still attend networking events regularly, and look forward to the opportunity it gives me to meet new contacts. I’ve launched a few networking groups of my own, such as Women in Business (www.womeninbusiness.co.nz) and The Property Team (www.tpt.co.nz).  I am also a founding member of Auckland Young Professionals (www.ayp.co.nz) which currently has over 700 members. 

I fully believe that each of us shines in a different way, and I want to help you make the most of my experience and knowledge to make networking – and therefore business – as enjoyable as spending time with friends.