Grow Your Personal Brand

Grow your personal brand

How to combine networking and PR skills for greater results

Whether you’re the face of your business, you represent an organisation you’re passionate about, or you’re attempting to become a better known personality, networking is essential in today’s world.

But how can you use PR skills and principles to make your networking really top-tier? Join networking queen Carmel Murphy and PR gurus Intelligent Ink for an afternoon of learning some fresh tactics to help you network with confidence while growing your personal (and business) brand.

Learn all about:

  1. Understanding your personal brand
  2. How to identify key contacts
  3. How to make a fabulous first impression
  4. Asking the right questions
  5. Telling your own story
  6. Having an opinion to share
  7. Getting your timing spot-on
  8. The importance of follow-ups

You’ll take away a host of practical tips that you can put into practice immediately, helping you to both create stronger relationships through networking and grow your profile – benefitting you as an individual and as a business.

When: Wednesday, 22nd June 1.30pm

Where: Home Ideas Centre, 165 The Strand, Parnell

Cost: $249 + GST

To book: email