Authenticity: Bringing Your Best Self to Business

Creating Powerful Connections that Engage and Inspire

Presented By Carmel Murphy - Networking Queen and Bruce Ross - Ignite Business Solutions

Within the digital era is the dawn of the Age of Transparency - full disclosure.  Nowhere to hide.  Curiously, this backdrop provides essential clues to answering the question, how do we become a more authentic leader?...a more authentic person?

Authentic people are more satisfied, more productive, are less stressed, and enjoy greater vitality.  Authentic leaders generate higher engagement.

Authenticity is not just about our inner state but how that gets expressed in the outer world.  In this thought provoking workshop both aspects will be covered.  Bruce Ross will cover the inner state; Carmel Murphy its outer expression.

Learning Takeaways:

1. Why Self-Awareness Doesn't Work - And What Does

2. The Most Powerful Tool in Conveying Authenticity

3. The upside of Weakness

4. Keys to Developing Authentic Leadership

5. Reframing 'Self-Promotion' to 'Collective Promotion'

6. Presenting the Best of Ourselves

7. Connecting Meaningfully

8. Standing Out for the Right Reasons


Date: Thursday 20th October 2016

Time: 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Venue: Boardroom at the Home Ideas Centre, 165 The Strand, Parnell

Cost: $249 + GST per person

To Book:

FREE parking available onsite

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